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Core and “Bottom Drawer” Workout

Today on the blog, I bring you a workout that will improve your core and booty (or, “Bottom Drawer” as I call it here).  This workout will challenge all of those important derby muscles that help with skating AND blocking. I used … Continue reading

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Da Do Run Run Run, Da Do Run Run

  Well, here it is – the week before my first race of 2014. I am super anxious but so excited to get out into the running community and push myself to see what I can accomplish. You see, I … Continue reading

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5 ways to improve your skating in everyday life

Originally posted on Decat#6(1):
1.  Stairs This is a very simple but still great occasion to improve your crossovers, both concerning balance and power. Instead of putting your feet perpendicularly to the stair, put them in parallel with it, both…

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Clean Thai Coconut Soup

The other night, while I was meal planning, I came upon this book that I had totally forgotten that I had! It was a book I had found on the bargain shelf (see the price in the bottom right hand corner of … Continue reading

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Week 2 of the 90 Day Challenge

Coach sent me my nutrition plan on Sunday JUST as I was headed to the grocery store. Talk about timing! I was able to pick up all the clean eats that I will need to rock the next week or … Continue reading

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Ready to Smoke the Competition (and a Smoky Chili Recipe!)

Coach delivered my workouts into my inbox today and I am psyched! We are doing traditional bodybuilding workouts 4 days a week and cardio 4 days a week (2 steady state workouts, which will be my running workouts and then … Continue reading

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Beast Mode is Officially ON!

One of my best friends (who happens to be my fitness coach) is an amazing transformation coach. She is having a 90 day transformation challenge with her clients and I have decided to participate! I am ready to smoke the competition! … Continue reading

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Running Down A Dream

I have decided that 2014 is going to be my best year yet. I can feel it. I have some pretty lofty goals that I plan to achieve and I hope that you all come along for the ride! I … Continue reading

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I Heart Eggs

 You hear it ALL the time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (blah blah blah)and sets the tone for the rest of your day (blah blah blah). But If I had a dime for every time someone said … Continue reading

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Block and Roll Workout

Boy do I have a workout for you!!! This is a gym workout that I designed to improve my roller derby blocking AND endurance, but I think it is a beneficial workout for anyone! The equipment can be modified for … Continue reading

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