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Trader Joe’s and The Standard Process Cleanse… A Love Story

For those of you who may be reluctant to do a cleanse such as the Standard Process Purification Program, fear not. If you have a Trader Joe’s nearby, it is easy (and delicious) to rock this program. In this post, … Continue reading

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Day 5 of the Standard Process Purification Cleanse

Day 5 of the cleanse already! I have begun to really looooovvvve my cleanse shakes!  My favorite is made with frozen cherries and half of a frozen banana whipped up in the blender.  Heaven. (See my gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers from … Continue reading

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Are you Toxic?

How’s your mental clarity?  Do you feel like you have a stuffy head?  How about some fatigue or difficulty sleeping?  Are you currently or have you in the past few minutes craved chocolate (if you are a woman, the answer … Continue reading

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