Health Update!

Wow – it has been almost a month since I posted!  Things have been good but very busy…..  Vacation, roller derby, planning my son’s 4th birthday party, workouts, acupuncture, phone calls with my naturopathic doctor, swim lessons (you know, just in case I decide to do a triathlon someday 😉 
While I was on vacation, I had a call with my naturopathic doctor and we discussed my blood and saliva results.  It was a discussion that I had awaited since February this year.  The call that would explain why I felt so crappy and crazy.  Dr. Ward explained to me that I have some neurotransmitter deficiencies that may prevent me from feeling good.  These deficiencies include:

  1. dopamine – associated with depression, anxiety and concentration
  2. taurine – associated with energy and sleep
  3. glycine – the calming neurotransmitter

She also explained that I have some hormonal issues, such as:

  1. Cortisol (this was not a shock at all) – my cortisol drops between 12:00pm and 1:00 and then it climbs back up and by 5:00pm it is double what it should be. 
  2. Estrogen – my estrogen is pretty low, particularly two specific kinds.
  3. Progesterone – this affects sleep and mood.  Mine is low, especially in relation to my estrogen. 

There were other things such as vitamin deficiencies like A and B, which she is helping me with.  She recommended a cortisol cream (one to lower cortisol in the evening and one to boost it in the morning), and some bioidentical estrogen and progesterone.  I received the estrogen and progesterone yesterday and started taking them immediately.  I am awaiting my shipment of the other supplements.  I am not sure if it is a placebo effect, but I feel great today – very hopeful that this may be the path to good health that I have been dreaming of.  If you have ever wondered about biodentical hormones, I encourage you to watch this video from Suzanne Somers.  When I watched it, it made me cry.  I was that woman in the video that she talks about when she explains that our gynecologists are handing out way too many prescriptions for prozac when what is really happening is our hormones are dropping.  We are NOT crazy, we are NOT fat and lazy with horrible willpower…..  We are OUT OF BALANCE!!!! 


About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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One Response to Health Update!

  1. losing50laps says:

    Interesting. My friend had a test done to find out what foods her body reacted too.

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