Things Are Looking Up!

Well, day 21 came and went on the Standard Process Purification. My results were awesome – I lost a total of 7 pounds and gained a lot of mental clarity. Once I started adding back my normal foods, I realized that I LOVE the way I normally eat. I have been able to maintain a specific calorie amount and a certain number of carbs, fats, and protein and have not felt deprived AT ALL.

June 009

I have not lost more weight since the cleanse was over, but my body is totally tightening up, especially my abs, which took the greatest hit when I gained weight. Which is awesome because I hit the beach in 6 weeks!

My amazing acupuncturist referred me to her naturopathic doctor and I had my appointment with her yesterday. She is located in California (Naturopathic doctors in my state cannot prescribe medication) and we “met” over the phone. I was able to send her a comprehensive explanation of my symptoms and the blood work that I had back in March. She is totally unconvinced about my diagnosis of menopause and is going to help me solve “my mystery” of why I am having a terrible time losing weight, cycling every 14 days, losing my hair, etc. I am super, super psyched! I am going to go for more bloodwork this week and she is also going to have me do some other cool tests that will measure my neurotransmitters and hormones. Stay tuned folks. It is going to get interesting.

My workouts continue to be great. I bought myself a gift for all of the hard work that I have been doing lately. I’ll give you a hint….


It’s a kettlebell!  I am so excited to start incorporating it into some of my workouts. What do you guys do to treat yourselves?  


About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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