Day 5 of the Standard Process Purification Cleanse

Day 5 of the cleanse already!

Cherries Jubilee

Cherries Jubilee

I have begun to really looooovvvve my cleanse shakes!  My favorite is made with frozen cherries and half of a frozen banana whipped up in the blender.  Heaven. (See my gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers from my sis in the background? They are so beautiful!)

  I must admit, I was a little nervous at first about embarking on this journey.  I was worried that I would have a lot of events soon that would be difficult to manage while on the cleanse.  For example, on Saturday, my coach and close friend competed in her 9th bodybuilding show (she was in the figure division).  I was really nervous about having to travel 2 hours and then be away for a few more.  And then, Mother’s Day on Sunday, I knew we were taking my mom to a restaurant. What was I going to EAT???? 

Making A List!

Making A List!

This is where planning comes in handy. 

 I learned from eating clean, especially while prepping for a bikini/figure competition that you have to prepare food in advance (Fail to plan, plan to fail!).  If you don’t, hunger takes over and rational decision-making becomes really hard.  So, what did I do?

Fast Food

Fast Food

On Saturday, I packed stuff like cut up red peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, a few organic apples to munch on in the car, roasted sweet potatoes for when I got there (I just ate them when I got there and then went in to the show). 

 It was actually pretty easy and since I brought stuff with me that I actually like, I didn’t feel deprived.  When I got home, I ate my salad with avocado and beets and I made a really delicious soup.  It was so comforting and yummy. 


Cleanse Soup

Cleanse Soup

Cleanse Soup

1 Tsp Coconut Oil (for cooking the veggies)
2 quarts organic vegetable broth
1 whole onion, diced
a few sprigs of fresh thyme
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 cup of frozen green beans
1 bag of coleslaw mix
1 quart of sliced mushrooms
1 whole medium zucchini, chopped
1 whole yellow squash, chopped
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Place the coconut oil in a stock pot and let melt.  Add the onion and garlic to the pot and cook until soft.  Add the zucchini and squash and cook until tender.  Add mushrooms, green beans and coleslaw mix.  Cook for a few more minutes.  Add the veggie broth and stir.  Let cook for 10 minutes to allow the flavors to combine.  Add thyme and salt and pepper, to taste.

On Sunday, we took my mom to Red Robin, a place known for its big juicy burgers.  In looking at their salad menu, I saw that there were lots of veggies that they could combine to make a great cleanse approved salad.  I asked for lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and avocado.  I threw a little salt and pepper and vinegar and it was great!  

When I got home, I made a lentil dish that was really delicious. It was inspired by Mommypotamus’s Cleanse Cookbook. 

Lentil “Burgers”

Lentil "Loaf"

Lentil “Burgers”

1 Tsp coconut oil (for frying)
1 cup cooked lentils (I buy mine already cooked at Trader Joe’s or Wegman’s)
3 garlic cloves
1 whole small red onion
3 sprigs of cilantro leaves (or more if you like)
1/2 Tsp Cumin
a dash of salt and pepper
Place all ingredients in a food processor until smooth.  Heat a nonstick pan with the coconut oil. I was attempting to make “burgers” so I formed the lentil mixture into patties.  Place the patties in the pan and cook until browned.  Mine did not really stay formed – they kind 0f fell apart.  Flip over and cook for 3 more minutes.  Place all of the “burgers” on a plate and serve with your favorite veggie.  NOTE- Although my burgers fell apart, they were still absolutely delicious and I cannot wait to have them again tonight 🙂

I am pleased to report that I have lost 4 pounds and feel pretty good!  I still don’t have that surge of energy that I have heard happens around this time during the cleanse, but I am hopeful.  I slept great last night and woke up very well rested WAY before my alarm clock went off.  I can honestly say that rarely EVER happens.

So, I am going to keep going and see what happens!  I have 2 more days of taking 21 cleanse capsules each day  and 6 more days until I start adding in some lean organic protein. 

What are you doing today to feel better?  Any smoothie combos you want to share with me?




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4 Responses to Day 5 of the Standard Process Purification Cleanse

  1. Jennmuntz says:

    Steph, so proud of you! Love this blog. My fave smoothie recipe that I make almost daily is pineapple,mango chunks, coconut water, wheatgrass and kale. Sweated with stevia and add lists of ice! Jenn Muntz

    • Pepper says:

      Thanks Jenn for being so supportive! Your smoothie sounds ahhhmazing! I have some pineapple that I needed an excuse to use…. looks like I have one now! Yum!

  2. Cassie Menard says:

    I will be starting the cleanse this Friday! Where can I find the mushroom and lentil soup recipe and can you have this during days 1-11? Thanks for the great blog posts!!! 🙂

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