Swallowed by the “Clutter Abyss”

Yesterday was pretty comical.  Well, maybe to an outsider looking in.  Not so much to me.  You see, I opened up the freezer and was attacked by some frozen peas.  When I tried to shove said peas back into the freezer, I was immediately attacked by the following:  an Elmo boo boo freezer ice pack, some bread, an old popsicle, and some edamame (not necessarily in that order).  It took about 5 minutes, but I got it all to fit back in and was able to shut the freezer door (silently praying that the next person who opened it would not be attacked in the same manner as me). 

About an hour later, I went searching for some paperwork that I needed for my daughter’s kindergarten class.  Half an out later, I waved the white flag, declared “uncle” and decided that it had been swallowed by the abyss otherwise known as “my house”.  Perhaps my son IS right that there really ARE monsters in the house and these monsters are messing with me and trying to see how far my patience takes me before I lose it.  

But, it was when I walked into my bathroom to grab the towels to throw in the wash that I realized I had a problem.  I had 8… yes, EIGHT bottles of shampoo/conditioner in my shower.  Who the heck needs 8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner at the same time?????  

I need to go ON A DIET…..

Okay, those of you who know me are totally rolling your eyes at this.  But, this is not a food diet….

It is an information diet.  A clutter diet.  A paperwork diet….. 

Let’s discuss, shall we?

Information: I’m tired of getting 100 emails every day from various sources telling me that I need to buy shoes or hey, here’s some career advice and oh – if you change to this product your kids will think you are the grooviest mom on the planet!   Here’s the goal:  I will unsubscribe from 5 different email subscriptions a day and begin deleting emails that I do not need immediately instead of browsing over them and moving on to the next email.

Clutter: I am calling this phase of the diet “Operation Use Up What You Already Have“!  8 bottles of shampoo and conditioner in the shower?  3 different face washes?  4 perfumes?  Here’s the goal:  I will not buy any personal care items until the ones I have are used to completion. 

This also applies to my FREEZER AND PANTRY…..  I mean, really?  I am usually a pretty decent meal planner…  Why I am being attacked by frozen peas and edamame?  Why am I buying black beans and more tomato sauce each week when I already have some?  Laziness and lack of planning folks.  So, I have made a list of what I currently have and will start making recipes based on what is in my freezer and pantry.  This will be so cool because it will force me to expand my cooking repertoire…. 

Paperwork: Oh paperwork, you are the bane of my existence (insert angry fist shake here).  Here is my goal – to immediately go through the mail when I first get it instead of letting it pile up until I have time to go through it.  I will sort and separate appropriately and will place the mail in 3 piles: shred, bills, trash.  I will then deal with each pile appropriately in a timely manner. 

Now, here is where I need YOUR help!  Do you have tips for ME?  Anything that you do that really helps you to eliminate clutter?  I want to hear from you!!!!




About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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2 Responses to Swallowed by the “Clutter Abyss”

  1. We are on the same wavelength. I’m on a purge mission in my house. I moved here to Austin 3 years ago and still have unopened boxes in the garage!!! WTF!

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