ABC, Easy as 1,2,3…

Howdy blogging world!  Emily over at Daily Garnish did a fun post a while ago and I thought it would be neat to do too. It is the ABCs of me….

A. Age: Proudly 37!  Women get better as they age…

B. Bed size: Queen – but with a hubby who likes to sleep sideways and 2 small children that like to make guest appearances, it feels like a twin bed.

C. Chore you dislike: Emptying the dishwasher.

D. Dogs: Sasha, our gorgeous Border Collie, Australian Shepard, Lab mix.  She is a crazy girl and tries to herd everyone in the house, but she always makes me feel safe.

E. Essential start to your day:  Coffee!!!  I set up the coffee maker on a timer so that I can smell it freshly brewed when I go into the kitchen in the morning.

F. Favorite color:  Brown.  I know. I am weird.

G. Gold or silver:  Mostly silver, but I’ve recently developed a thing for gold.

H. Height:  5 foot, 4 and 1/2 inches – which, is supposed to be the tall class in most bikini competitions, but somehow, I always end up with the shorties…. 

I. Instruments you play(ed): Viola in school and then I took some cello lessons as an adult.  My teacher stopped teaching when she got pregnant and I just kinda stopped too…. 😦  I really want to take banjo lessons with my dad’s banjo!

J. Job title:  I work in the pharma industry, but my most important job title is Mom, Mama, Mommy…

K. Kids: I have a 3 year old son and a 5 and 3/4 year old daughter.  They are the frosting to my cupcake of a life.

L. Live:  30 miles outside of Philadelphia, PA

M. Mom’s name:  Dona (Hi MOM!)

N. Nicknames:  Pepper.  My real name is Stephanie.  When I was a kid, my parents called me Pepperoni because I was so “spicy” (what does that really MEAN, anyway?  Must ask Mom…. 🙂 ). Anyway, it got shortened to Pepper… and well, here I am!

O. Overnight hospital stays:  I have had 2!  See letter K 🙂

P. Pet peeves:  When my hubby takes out the garbage and doesn’t put a garbage bag back in the can (and of course, I always have something to throw away right at that moment!).  Other than that, I am really easy going….

Q. Quote from a movie: “I tend to get a little bit poufy when I’m nervous!” Steel Magnolias

R. Righty or lefty:  Righty!

S. Siblings: I have 2 sisters.  I adore them and couldn’t have hand picked better sisters. 

T. Time you wake up:  6:30 ish?

U. Underwear: I tend to like the nude ones… because I am lazy and you can wear them with anything.

V. Vegetables you dont’ like:  I have never met a vegetable I didn’t like.

W. What makes you run late:  No matter how proactive I am at night, I am always late to work.  Not totally blaming my kids here, but they are usually the cause…. “I don’t wanna go to school”…etc.  I figure, if the pharma gig doesn’t work out, I would make a terrific drill seargent! 

X. X-rays you’ve had:  Last year, 4 weeks before my bikinic ompetition, I fractured my ankle.  I was sprinting on the treadmill every day, sometimes twice a day.  I have also had a number of mouth x-rays done.  Is my dentist the only one that does these constantly?

Y. Yummy food you make:  I love to bake!!!!  Have you tried my bodybuilding cupcakes?  I am getting ready to share my vegan pumpkin cheesecake with you soon too!  AND, I finally found a great vegan protein bar recipe!!! STAY TUNED!

Z. Zoo animal favorites:  Ones that are happy.  Since becoming vegan, I am not really sure about how I feel about zoos.


About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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2 Responses to ABC, Easy as 1,2,3…

    • Thanks Lisa! I really appreciate you!!!! Sorry it took me so long to respond. We lost power for a week and then I got the FLU 😦 Real downers. But, I am grateful that we did not lose anything else besides power – my heart goes out to NY and NJ….

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