Nice Sweatpants! Are you the CEO?

Blogging right along this month, thanks to Fitness Cheerleader making it easy with her  awesome topics from her August Healthy Living / Fitness Blogger Challenge.

Today’s question is “Do you workout in the morning or at night?  Why?

I have never been a morning exerciser (unless you consider hitting the snooze button to be calisthenics….).  I hit my stride around noon, which is why my situation right now is so perfect (and for which I feel so blessed!).  I work for a major pharmaceutical company that happens to have a full gym (you have to pay for it, but the convenience is worth every penny!).  They have lots of free weights and cardio equipment and they also have lots of instructor led classes – spinning, yoga, kickboxing, strength training, you name it and they have it.  They also allow you to use the aerobics studio during non class hours if you have a DVD that you want to do (like P90X, Insanity, Cathe, etc.)  So, I am pretty spoiled to be able to hit the gym on my lunch hour.  I can do a pretty decent workout, shower and be back to my desk to eat my lunch while working.  I also get to choose what hour that is according to my meeting schedule.  If I have a meeting at noon, I can just go before or after – my boss is totally understanding and flexible. 

Working out at the office gym is  cool because  I consider the gym to be “the great equalizer”.  You can be pumping iron next to the CEO and not realize it because we are all just working hard in our gym clothes.  I love that!  No suits, no pretenses, no blackberries, just honest hard work and sweat. 

I feel so accomplished and more alert in the afternoon after I workout.  I also really like working out at lunch because I have 2 small kids that like to snuggle with their mama after dinner at night and although I could workout in the evenings, I like having that time free to spend with the kids.  When I train for competitions, I sometimes have to do 2 a day workouts, with weight training during the day and cardio at night.  This can be hard on the kids (although we just make sure to have extra snuggles on my off days 🙂 ). 

I remember the moment during my figure competition when the MC was announcing all the competitors and where they train.  Everyone sounded so hardcore…. “Jennifer trains at 24 Hour Fitness” and “Valerie trains at Bronx Bad A$$ Gym” and so forth….   I had a good little giggle when I was announced and they said “Pepper works out at her work gym on her lunch hour”.   At that moment, my dream was that there would be other women in the audience that said, “Dang! If she can do that on her lunch hour, I can too!!!”. 

When do YOU workout and why?


About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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5 Responses to Nice Sweatpants! Are you the CEO?

  1. wcatalano says:

    thats awesome!! i’m a student currently, and one of my aspirations is definitely going to be to work in a place that has a gym. i love it

  2. fitnesscheerleader says:

    Pepper, you.are.awesome!! Training for figure competition’s on your lunch? Wow! I hadn’t even considered that – i now have a new goal!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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