Warrior Dash Recap and a Delish Recipe!

A few weeks ago, I ran the Warrior Dash with a good friend of mine.  It was at Pocono Speedway in Mount Pocono, PA.  It was a blast and I cannot wait to do it again!  Here is a pic of me before the race:

Here is one during the race and of me crossing the finish line.  I was so muddy my pants were falling down due to the weight of the mud!!!

Overall, it was a great experience!  If you have the chance to run one of these races, please consider it! 

The day after the race, I decided to treat myself to this little recipe that I found online.  It is from http://thebikinibaker.blogspot.com/2011/07/dessert-for-breakfast-crisp-frozen.html   It is a strawberry crisp with frozen yogurt.  Although I did not eat it with the yogurt, I did make the strawberry crisp and it was heavenly.  The strawberries were so ripe and perfect and the crisp was gooey and warm. 

Here is the recipe from the website (without the frozen yogurt info – you can click on the link above to get the full “scoop”…. hahahaha, get it?  scoop?  OMG I crack myself up. 

1/3 cup oatmeal, divided
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 large egg white
2 tbsp unsweetened applesauce
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp Stevia In The Raw
1 cup berries or fruit of choice (love rhubarb & strawberries right now!)
Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Spray an oven proof single serve dish with non-stick cooking spray.

Pulse half of the oatmeal in the food processor or coffee grinder until in flour-form. Add the remaining ingredients except the berries. Mix with fork until incorporated.

Place the berries in dish and top with oat mixture. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden.

Remove from oven. Eat immediately.

Here is what mine looked like:

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Bikini Baker has begun blogging again!  I look forward to many more amazing treats that she has on her site. 

Okay friends.  I am off to finish some work, but I wish each of you a happy rest of the day!

Until next time,



About Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Wife, mom of 2, roller derby athlete, lover of heavy weights and sprinting like the wind, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods addict, pharmaceutical employee by day, bodybuilding cupcake baking superhero by night.
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